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Syria Appeal

Syria Appeal | Medical Charity | Poverty Charity | Charity Appeal

The war in Syria is one of the bloodiest conflicts in the world right now. Into its ninth brutal year and tens of thousands of families have had their lives torn apart.

Right now, in Syria, 6.5 million people need food to survive. Medicine and necessary supplies are running out. Hospitals are being bombed and most healthcare facilities are shut. 

Many are facing a daily struggle to survive. With most having lost their homes the luckiest are now living in cramped houses. The rest living in tents and due to shortages, some living out in the open. Hundreds of thousands of children are facing unimaginable horrors as the war rages. 


They desperately need your help. A small donation can make a huge difference.

Our response:

We are:


  • giving blankets, warm clothing and toiletries to families who have been forced to flee their homes
  • distributing ready-to-eat meals and fresh food vouchers so families have enough to eat
  • providing medical assistance 
  • providing education for those young children who are forced to work to survive 


We are doing all we can to rebuild the lives of ordinary civilian subject to unimaginable horrors, poor hygiene and living conditions. But it’s not enough. There are many more in agonizing situations whilst war intensifies with no end in sight. 

You can help those in great need. 

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