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Rohingya Appeal

Rohingya Appeal | Refugees | Charity Appeal

Since late August 2017, more than 745,000 Rohingya refugees have fled Burma’s Rakhine State to escape the military’s large-scale campaign of ethnic cleansing. More than half were children. They fled from discrimination, violence and extreme poverty to Bangladesh. After arriving in Bangladesh exhausted, traumatised and with only what they could carry and often nothing at all, they were in urgent need of shelter, medical care, water and food. Their children witnessed traumatic violent events that not even an adult should have to see. 

In these difficult times, it is our duty as humans to help those in need. Your donation can change someone’s life. 


Our response:

Using the donations, we receive from kind people we provide the following:

  • Safe drinking water
  • Food supplies
  • Medical supplies and healthcare treatments 
  • Essential hygiene items 
  • Supplies to build shelters


We are doing all we can to help the vulnerable in great need. We can do even more with your help. 

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