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Coronavirus Appeal

Coronavirus Appeal | Food Charity | Money Donation | Charity Appeal

The world is facing a catastrophe like never before. The outbreak of coronavirus has had an immense impact on us all. 

The global pandemic is spreading faster than ever. There are some with no access to clean water or proper handwashing facilities, and are already facing crises like conflict and hunger. For these vulnerable communities living in cramped and unhygienic conditions social distancing is impossible. We are in a state of urgency and your generosity can enable our work to happen quickly and efficiently. These people need you to reach out and help us to provide. 

Together we can halt the spread of coronavirus and protect those at great risk. Your support is vital in these distressing times. Your donation can save someone’s life. 

Our Response 

Thanks to you we are on the frontline of this crisis doing all we can to help and we are;

  • Distributing public health information to raise awareness about Covid-19, along with quarantine kits containing masks, hand sanitiser and soap.
  • Ensuring these urgent health messages get through to help keep people safe.
  • Providing training for local health workers.
  • Distributing food for those millions suffering from starvation and no means of earning. 


All this progress is contributing towards the termination of this devastating emergency. But there are many more people in desperate need of help. We need you to make a difference.


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