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Lebanon Appeal

Lebanon Appeal | Charities for Family | Charity Appeal

Lebanon Appeal

A large blast in the Lebanese capital Beirut, Lebanon: 100 killed, more than 4,000 others injured and more than 300,000 left homeless after a huge explosion.

It is unclear what caused the blast, which appeared to have been triggered by a fire and struck with the force of an earthquake. It was the most powerful explosion ever seen in the city.

Lebanon primarily needs disaster management and medical aid after a blast in a Beirut port injured more than 4,000 and devastated much of the city.

Lebanon is in dire financial straits and the blast destroyed large stocks of food and medicine which will have to be replaced.

Together with our local partners, we are working quickly to help some of the most vulnerable. With homes destroyed, and hospitals overwhelmed with casualties – Help A Child Partners in Beirut, Lebanon are ready to respond. Lebanon Appeal

All donations will go towards the ‘Emergency Appeal Fund’ to ensure our teams can direct funds to where they are most needed.

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