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Help a Child Project – Coronavirus Appeal

Help a Child Project - Coronavirus Appeal | Children's Charities uk | Charity Appeal

We are living in particularly hard times. People are scared. We are having to learn to live and work in completely new ways, social distancing is the keywords on everyone’s lips. While we work hard to keep ourselves safe and keep our loved ones safe, it is also a time when we need to come together.

This is a time where together we can help those who are most vulnerable. Families are losing income. Parents are struggling to feed their children. Without taking action, more children’s lives are lost. Without funding, we could be looking at 4 children dying every minute due to the impact of COVID-19. With this special Help a Child Project Coronavirus Appeal we can make life-altering and saving interventions.

Help us, help them

It is easy to look at the world and the chaos right now and feel sadness. It is easy to think you cannot make any difference. But with your donation right now, Help a Child Project can help one child at a time, one community at a time, with essential supplies like gloves, masks and soap and clean water along with, food, medicines and more. Your donation right now, whatever you can give, can help children whose families are in crisis. We can help them feel safer once more. As scared as we adults are, how much harder is this on them?

Create a more hopeful world

Help a Child Project will take your donations to our Coronavirus Appeal and stand on the frontline of this pandemic helping communities recover, and making sure our vulnerable children have a future that is bright and hopeful. Stand with us against this global disaster. We are urgently asking for your support, as vulnerable communities face conflict, hunger, living in poor and cramped living conditions.

For some, social distancing and hand washing, the key things we need to be doing to survive until a vaccine is developed, is impossible. Your kindness and generosity can change things. One child, one family, one locality at a time. Reach out to those around you, donate, and help us protect those at risk.

Together we can

Whether you donate £5, £50 or more, together we can do anything. While the experts work on that vaccine, together we can work on supporting those crying out for help. By helping others better protect themselves, together we are protecting each other, as the more people able to follow the guidelines, the less this virus can spread. Save a life. Give to our Coronavirus Appeal. Let us better educate people and give out quarantine kits containing essentials, make sure people know what to do to stay safe, help local health workers on the frontline and feed the vulnerable who are starving.

Please Donate Now – Coronavirus Appeal

This does not have to be what divides us. This could be what brings us together to end this pandemic. We need you right now. Keep yourself safe and keep your family safe. But perhaps today you could also give a gift and help keep another family safe too. Give the gift of three square meals to another child too. These are desperate times but with you, we can make a difference.

Let’s start right now with a donation to this appeal. Thank you.

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