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Christmas Appeal

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Children around the world are living in the toughest circumstances due to poverty. For those who are mothers, it is a constant fight to protect and feed their children. All around the world there are thousands of sick children who don’t have an exciting Christmas to look forward to. Christmas Appeal

Help A Child Project is a children’s charity to help children, determined to give every child living in poverty the greatest possible chance in life.

Every child deserves to feel the warmth and joy of Christmas but there are many that can’t. Help these children and give them a life changing opportunity by donating through our Christmas Appeal. You can make the wish of a child come true by donating money to help us buy gifts. Christmas Appeal

This appeal reaches out to the poorest and most vulnerable children out there. Each gift will bring joy and delight to the one receiving it. You can make a real difference to someone’s Christmas by donating to our Christmas Appeal. 

“Jesus took action against injustice, embraced those classed as untouchable, fed the hungry, comforted the hurting, was a friend to the outcast and an advocate for the vulnerable. Stand by Me believes that as we demonstrate God’s love, we offer hope – the same hope that allowed Jesus to see not only people’s suffering and sadness, but also their potential.”

Help a child to feel valued and know that someone out there, cares for them.  You can bring a smile to the face of a child today. 


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